26 April 2021

介绍BBIN寶盈集團专题网络系列#7 - BBIN寶盈集團- usr&S

Phasawit Jutatungcharoen

BBIN寶盈集團社会责任 & 可持续性(BBIN寶盈集團 USR&S) serves as a network within the ASEAN community and its neighbors that aims to drive trans-disciplinary social responsibility initiatives between higher education institutions and diverse stakeholders, to promote greater university-industry-community collaborations that enhance the quality of life for ASEAN and Asian communities.

BBIN寶盈集團 USR&S成立于2011年5月“知识为民”期间, 社区生活研究”会议,由马来西亚Kebangsaan大学(UKM)主办. The network was formally proposed as an enabling mechanism to achieve greater regional cooperation amongst the higher education institutions in ASEAN as well as to contribute to the social, economic, 以及该地区的环境发展. This came from the recognition of a need for the thematic network during the inaugural Workshop on University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability from ASEAN-Japan Perspectives: Sharing and Caring for a Better Community, 在布拉法大学举行, Thailand in 2010.

BBIN寶盈集團 USR&S upholds its commitment of conduct for the betterment of the living society through its programs such as the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP) and hosting different workshops in being able to engage and educate the ASEAN community with activities focused on capacity building for sustainable development. The network also hosts programs such as ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement (AJCE) and collaborative research with stakeholders as well as research and evaluation of social impact in keeping true to its mandate of promoting greater university-industry-community collaborations that enhance the quality of life for ASEAN and Asian communities.

BBIN寶盈集團 USR&S亦由AsiaEngage (AE)推动, 这是一个区域平台,旨在最大限度地发挥BBIN寶盈集團 USR等组织的优势&S与亚洲-塔洛雷斯工业和社区参与大学网络(ATNEU), and the AYVP. 亚洲互动区域会议由AE主办,每两年举办一次,以满足研究需求, education, and engagement missions of higher education institutions to create mutually beneficial partnerships between multi-sector stakeholders – higher education institutions, industries, foundations, communities, NGOs, 和政府机构——旨在提高BBIN寶盈集團和亚洲各国人民的生活质量.

自2010年推出以来,BBIN寶盈集團 USR&S has continued its orientation towards the uplifting of the quality of life within the ASEAN region as it further strengthens the connection between the academe, social responsibility, 和可持续发展. 该网络希望能够继续推进高等教育的凝聚力和协作, 本地区和BBIN寶盈集團共同体内的产业, 所有这些都不断朝着可持续性和更深入的理解发展, good neighborliness, 以及区域内的共同责任感.

Contact Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.asiaengage.org/v2/
  • Tel: 03-89214655
  • Fax: 03-89214652
  • 办公地址:三层, 大学社区转型中心(UCTC UKM), Tun Fatimah Hashim大楼, 马来西亚Kebangsaan大学, 43600, Bangi, Selangor

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