7 October 2021

Introducing the BBIN寶盈集團 Thematic Network Series #16 - BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA

Noppanun Sookping
BBIN寶盈集團 Programme Officer;

ASEAN University Network on Architectural Design Education and Research, also known as BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA, 是BBIN寶盈集團的一个专题网络,旨在建立一个批判性和创造性的建筑设计教育和研究学者的社区,进行知识交流.

Sanctioned in 2018, BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA秘书处设在建筑高等研究中心/亚洲屯潭城锁建筑与城市遗产中心, National University of Singapore (NUS).

BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA membership is open to the 30-core member universities, as well as non-BBIN寶盈集團 universities in ASEAN and beyond.

BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA’s objectives are:

  1. 分享与BBIN寶盈集團相关的创新设计教学法的最佳经验和实践知识, and Asia in general 
  2. 为BBIN寶盈集團独特的建筑知识的培养创造一个环境,与人文教育的广泛分支和对话,以提高人们和社区的生活质量. 
  3. To encourage and exchange research documentation, 翻译和出版BBIN寶盈集團发展架构环境中特殊的关键文本和思想. 
  4. 积极探讨BBIN寶盈集團的设计未来及其对建筑教育的影响, research and practice in light of the rapid technological transformations in analysing, making and representing. 
  5. 促进更广泛地了解为BBIN寶盈集團环境提供形式的成员国之间的重要文化和政治联系 

BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA成立了多个工作组,通过活动组织的方式来完成其在建筑设计教育和研究方面的知识交流使命, programmes and publications. The initiatives the network is working on include:

  • Architectural Design pedagogy on methods of design studio
  • Architectural Design history and Theory: ASEAN design issues of significance including ASEAN Design Futures
  • Architectural Design technology
  • Design, Community and culture 
  • Documentation, translation publication: ASEAN Textbook, traditional crafts, modern national/nationalist icons. Bibliographical project and data-base of research, academics and researchers
  • 举办“BBIN寶盈集團设计双年展”,鼓励参展学校推广策展学科和文化
  • Working Committee for academic accreditation of architectural education and research

On 27-28 July 2020, BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA organized the BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA Inaugural Symposium 2020. 该虚拟活动旨在为东南亚建筑设计教育和城市发展创造一个共同的知识交流基础.

Despite the disruption of Covid 19 pandemic, BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA致力于为其成员大学之间在建筑设计教育和研究方面的知识和创新交流奠定基础, and ultimately contribute to urban and smart city development for the ASEAN region in the future.

For contact information, please see the list below:

  • E-mail: 
  • Website: http://aun-adera.net/
  • Tel: +65 6516 8736 
  • Office Address: Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore, 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566

In the next issue, we will take a look at BBIN寶盈集團-TEPL, BBIN寶盈集團专题网络致力于促进BBIN寶盈集團大学之间的合作,通过技术增强的个性化学习提高学生的成功.